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New , yay!!

Hi curious person! My name is Simba, and I am a "furry". I am interested in games, music, computers, technology, the internet, civil and animal rights.

If you want my refined thoughts visit my website and blog, If you want my jumbled daily ramblings feel free to follow me. You can find methods of secure contact at

If you are interested in having your own private blog, reach out to me, I can guide you!

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Furry Fandom is a pervasive system of bullies and trolls, and the sexualization of children. It hides it's ugliness behind "free hugs" like a creepy man handing out candy from his van.

I cried when Gordon died.

Gordon and Joe are inspired by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. The scene reminds us that one of that amazing duo are gone and the other won't be around forever.

It's a reminder of getting old but there's this painful nostalgia about all the amazing things these individuals achieved which changed the world forever.

Like it or not, gated communities, locked doors, private clubs, and aggressive response to intrusion are the ways Americans have built something closer to paradise than any other people in the known history of this planet.

You screen your windows to keep parasitic insects out of your home. Screen your communities to keep parasitic people out of ours.

And when they break in, kill them. As you would an insect.

Anyone who's bad to me is bad enough to get rid of. Laws are stupid and irrelevant.

If you don't understand this, you will never find your way to heaven. How the hell is paradise possible when you allow criminals to steal anything they can while using loopholes to escape justice.

You think you're civilized. I think you're fools and prey.

You condemn yourselves and everyone you love to misery because you are too scared to deal with bad people.

I'm done.

You are the second worst thing that ever happened. The first was being born.

however, there is something to be said for not wasting experience. Often times when you're getting high, you might ask yourself why the hell you'd spend that time working, when staring at a tree on a breezy day in warm sunlight is so much more enjoyable.

And that can make it difficult to work a job.

In the purest sense, marijuana does not impair one's ability to work a job.

While coming up, there is increased brain activity which feels, at least to me, kind of like being in a noisy room, and this can be distracting.

And while coming down, the decrease in activity can make it feel like your brain has turned off, by contrast.

These phenomena are the same as getting off the couch. It feels impossible, but when you do it you realize how easy it really was. That is the opposite of impairment.

Trying to save human beings from themselves is like pulling teeth. You literally have to fight with them.

They're not interested in a good world or good lives. They want to misbehave and they want to burn for it. They are stupid and full of hate. They are always doing exactly everything that they were taught is bad and wrong and evil. They throw it in your face, laughing at your inability to do anything because you believe in this "society".

It's bullshit, and it has to end.

o/ Hello to you
It's nice to see your smile
step up and take my hand
one touch, and we'll be friends

Hello old friend
It's good to see you too
Time is standing still
oh we'll be
forever young o/

There is no video game in the history of gaming that's worth installing Windows for.

Anyone who sells you a product which you have no control of is a crook.

You should never feel guilty for exploiting those people for personal gain. They are the chickens and cattle of the bipedal world. They exist to feed us, not the other way around.

Diaper furs and baby furs exist for one reason.. To ruin our community.

Why do you tolerate horrible people destroying the things which make your lives fun?

I don't.

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I don't even want to be here today

But in a world that is otherwise completely bullshit, where the very system of our existence is pre-designed to deny us everything we want from that existence, finding out more about what the fuck is really going on is maybe the only worthwhile thing to do.

But to what end. To say "Ah!" as your life fades away? Too many decades wasted on nothing at all, without any alternative choices.

And I'm an optimist. Which should be a measure of how much more fucked humans are compared to before.

Nobody teaches you this when you're young. Maybe if they did you could lie to yourself about your real desires, so that you miss out on things you don't really care about, and you secretly and quietly achieve satisfaction chasing the desires that are true in your heart.

Again, there is no god. So who is it that makes this shit go? Lying to them works, which means they exist and they have brains. Who are they.

Not that it's worth discovering. It may be, but I suspect not.

It's been my observation that no matter what you really desire in life, it will be kept out of your reach.

If you want love most of all, you'll live and die alone, chasing a partnership that never exists.

If you want riches, you'll be poverty stricken forever. You'll never be rich without selling your soul, and you'll find the results unsatisfying.

If you want to be pretty, you'll be ugly. And so on.

This is not "God's plan" because there is no god. It's simply a shitty indifferent universe.

It is a good feeling when regional server reboots are successful without any serious errors or hang-ups.

It's the difference between staying up late and staying up all night.

Sorry that some of my toots are "negative". I think we live in a pretty negative world and I feel obligated to say my piece to the extent that maybe it could help in some small way.

That said, here's something positive. The Good Place is a fun TV show if you like light-hearted comedy. I've watched both seasons like 4 times in the past month and it still makes me laugh.